1. Please contact us using the form below, or by email or phone calls. We will get back to you as soon as possible. However, if you shouldn’t receive any answer within 72 hours, please contact us again.

2. We will send you a confirmation email as soon as we receive validation of your booking.

3. We would kindly ask you to inform your full name, number of participants, date of arrival, flight, arrival and departure time, airport, your hotel name and address, the date on which you want to come and your contact information. Do not forget to inform us in case of cancellation.

4. We will send you another confirmation email with the exact location and time, one week before we meet.

5. When you are attending our service, please make sure you are ready to leave 10 minutes before our arrival. When leaving the hotel, ensure that you gave back your room keys to the reception.

Payment method

Please note that 30% of our service provision is required to be paid during your purchase. The remaining 70% is to be paid for on site. We cannot accept credit card payments, thank you for your cooperation.

Cash / Bank transfer

Cancellation fees

For our services for a half-day or a full-day,
No fees will be charged for within 48 hours before pick-up day
50% of our service delivery will be charged within 24 hours before pick-up day
100% of our service delivery will be charged in less than 24h of the pick-up day (no refund).

General terms and conditions

1. Please contact us immediately if you have purchased our pick-up service and your flight is cancelled or delayed.

2. For our half-day or full-day services, any lateness exceeding 15 minutes for our pick-up shall be considered as a cancellation.

3. Our half-day and full-day service cost is based on 2-person package. It is possible to get this service for as a single person for the same price. However, our charter vehicle fares may vary.

4. We may not be able to fulfill your request if our services are overbooked.

5. We do not refund even if you cancel our services right after your validation.

6. of charge for children under the age of 3, preferential tariff for children between age 3 and 12. From age 13, adult fares will be charged.

7. In case of natural or accidental disaster, political upheaval, strike, public transports delays or cancellation, we shall be obliged to modify or cancel our trip for your safety. In such cases, you agree that we will not be liable to you for taking any of these actions.

8. Some places may close without notice. In this case, we would have to look for another or to cancel our visit in this location.

9. We cannot be held responsible for damaged, lost or stolen material during our services. We strongly urge you to consider purchasing a trip insurance prior to your departure.

10. You can register to our telephony service on site.

11. Tips and meals for the driver are not included. We advise you to keep sufficient money with you (about €16,00 per lunch, €20,00 per dinner, €20,00 as a tip)

12. We can reserve a parking place if needed.

13. We may charge an additional amount of €100,00 if our driver is compelled to stay at a hotel with our dedicated charters.

14. Our general terms and conditions complies with French legislation.

15. In case of improper behaviour, we reserve the right to refuse to provide you our services.